Falling Down The Book Hole Read-A-Thon

Today, I’m happy to be hosting the Falling Down The Book Hole For Ashley at She’s got a fabulous bingo contest set up! Feel free to see her original post here: Down The Read-A-Thon Hole Challenge | An Alice in Wonderland Themed Read-A-Thon.

Here’s the challenge!

Alice in Wonderland: A book that makes you think of your childhood.
Caucus Race: A book with a race or competition you enjoyed.
Through the Looking Glass: An Alice in Wonderland Retelling you have read or your favorite Alice retelling.
Knave of Hearts: A book about thieves
White Rabbit: A popular book you are late to the party for
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: Your favorite sequel
Pool of Tears: A book that makes you cry
Caterpillar: A book in which the character reminds you of yourself
Mad Hatter: A book with a love story
March Hare: A book dealing with a mental illness
The Dormouse: Read an underrated/under-hyped book
The Queen’s Tarts: A book where something gets stolen/misplaced
“Eat Me” Cakes: A book with a magical element
Flowers of Wonderland: A book that involves music
Queen of Hearts: A book with a villain
The Bandersnatch: A book with a mystical creature
Down The Rabbit Hole: A book someone else recommended to you
Walrus & the Carpenter: A collection of essays, short stories or poems
The Jabberwocky: A book with a battle/fight scene
The Playing Cards: A book with a group of characters
Tea Party: A book based in England/UK
The Cheshire Cat: A mystery book
Queen of Hearts Castle: A book set in a castle
Dinah: A book that focuses on friendship


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